The CCSC Marusa Membership system is a project created by a small team of club members. We hope you find the system intuitive and error free but should you stumble across a problem then please contact one of the following;

For membership related problems;
Barry Thorne

For boat and boat park related problems;
Richard Paley

For reporting errors or bugs;
Keith Ellis

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a boat?
At the moment members can only update existing boats on the Marusa system. In the future there will be an option to apply for a boat to be added. For now, if you wish to add a new boat you should contact Richard Paley (Boat Park Administrator)
Occasionally I get logged out of the system. Am I doing something wrong?
After you have logged onto the Marusa system, if no activity is detected after 20mins the system will log you off. Simply login again to continue. It may also be that an update has been applied to the system while you are online. This would also log you out. Again log back in to continue.
I have started my renewal but have found that some of the details are incorrect.
You can leave the renewal process at any time. It will remember your selections for your return. Contact Barry Thorne or Ian Green to discuss the problem so they can remedy it.
I have completed my renewal, downloaded the receipt and discovered a mistake.
Contact Barry Thorne or Ian Green. If required they can reset your renewal so you can start again.
I no longer own my boat. How do I delete it?
It's not possible for a member to delete a boat online. There are usually other records associated with a boat that make it unsafe to do so. You can tick the 'No longer own' tick box which will exclude the boat from the renewal process and indicate to the Boat Park administator that the boat is no longer part of the fleet.
My boat or boat details are incorrect but I don't seem to be able change them?
Much of the detail we hold about boats is stored in a boat master file. The master file is used to calculate the correct Portland Port fees for example and can only be edited by the Boat Park Administrator. If you are seeing the wrong boat type, or incorrect details about your boat then contact Ian Green and he will update the system.
How do I add or remove a family member from my Family membership?
Contact Barry Thorne with the details and he will update your membership for you. In the future you will be able to do this yourself.